Must Have Product: Sarah Wells Pumping Bag

Welcome to my first product review!  I can’t think of a better product to introduce to you first: Meet my Sarah Wells Annie Breast Pump Bag in brown.


When I returned to work after having Vivian, I didn’t feel much like my pre-baby self.  You see, I normally took pride in my appearance.  I would spend some time getting ready for work every day and enjoyed adding interesting pieces to my professional wardrobe.  I vowed to myself during that first pregnancy that having a baby would not impact my work in anyway (let’s all laugh a little at that thought), including my overall professional presence. Then I actually birthed said baby, and my entire world changed.

My back-to-work look was something like this: pants two sizes larger than my pre-baby pants – but I had lost a little more weight, just enough to give that baggy butt look – a shirt with some sort of bodily fluid on it, dark circles under my eyes from three months of sleep deprivation and THE BAGS. SO. MANY. BAGS. I had a work bag, a lunch bag, a diaper bag for daycare and the hideous pump bag. Just in case I didn’t feel bad enough about my new look, I was sporting an ugly, black generic pump bag. For those of you who have not had the experience of pumping, that shit goes everywhere with you – work, date night, girls’ night, vacation, the office holiday party. The weight dropped, my pants fit better and I eventually got a solid nights sleep but I still had the bag. For 12 months I carried around that bag and for 12 months I couldn’t wait for the day I could leave it at home.

When I became pregnant with my son, I knew that I wanted to make going back to work a little less awful. I couldn’t really control the weight fluctuation or bags under my eyes, and the bodily fluid just appeared on my clothes no matter how hard I tried to avoid it – but the bag – the bag I could change. After determining I had spent 260 hours the year after my daughter was born attached to the pump, I figured I could use something a little more attractive to stare at for all that time. And so began my search for a pump bag.

When I saw the brown Annie bag by Sarah Wells on, it was love at first sight. Now that I’ve been using the bag for several weeks, I have to admit, it did not disappoint.  Between the high quality and awesome features, I couldn’t have asked for much more. The bag itself looks more like a designer handbag than a pump bag. In fact, I get compliments on it from childless, pumpless co-workers often.

My favorite part of my pump bag is the easy access it the pump itself. My Spectra S2 fits great in the side pocket, with room to spare. I checked my Medela and Hygeia and those fit without a problem.


The inside of the bag is just as roomie. What use to take three bags to haul, I now fit into one. Yes, I actually lug all that shit around every day.


The only problem I have found is that once I jam all my stuff in there, it’s impossible to zip. If the bag had a fabric or leather zipper panel, the space inside the bag when zipped would increase significantly. I just leave mine unzipped, but this may not work when traveling.


I use a Sarah Wells Pumparoo for my pump parts. I love how big (and cute) the wet/dry bag is. My flanges, backflow protectors, and ice pack fit easily in the main compartment.  There a small front pocket too that holds my other pumping necessities (like coconut oilcleansing wipes and hand sanitizer). At some point, this bag will be great for a potty training toddler who needs the occasional outfit change on the road (and a place to put soiled pants). The wet/dry bag has a nice button handle on the side that would make it perfect for clipping onto beach bags for pool day! The only thing I don’t love is that there is little insulation so my ice pack defrosts pretty quickly (I switch it for a new frozen one midday).


Going back to work sucks, and the baggy butt look is never recommended, but this bag is a little piece of style in a very messy and sometimes frumpy new world.  Want one of your own?  Sarah Wells bags are available on and Buy Buy Baby.  Get yours with an exclusive promo code for Hippie Momma Drama readers. MOMSROCK will get you 15% off of Sarah Wells products on through April 30!

Here’s the reason I pump, no matter how hard it gets.  What’s yours?009




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