And so was born a blog

Several weeks ago, I posted a status on Facebook about an experience I had at Target where a man thought I was pregnant 9 weeks after delivering my son. I tried to take the situation with grace, and posted about all the wonderful things my stretched out body had recently accomplished.  The post went viral.  It was pretty neat at first, seeing the number of shares grow and grow.  A few news stations and magazines picked it up, like Cosmopolitan and, and soon the growing number of shares wasn’t neat, but rather sad.  They say that news stories are usually the man bit dog, not dog bit man stories – the unusual and unexpected.  What was so unusual and unexpected about a woman loving her body, despite her “flaws”?  A lot, apparently.  I received messages from strangers thanking me for sharing my story, comments on my post from women who had gone 25 years hating their postpartum bodies, stories shared about women not swimming with their children for years for the fear of someone seeing their stretch marks.  Really?  What is society doing to women for us to feel this way – for years?!  I couldn’t believe that so many women felt so badly about themselves and were self-conscious of themselves as people and, equally as important, as parents.  And then I read a few comments.  What unrealistic, unnecessary, and even cruel expectations fellow humans have for us – for mothers (newsflash: if a women’s priority barely two months after giving birth is fitting in her prepregnancy pants, good for her, but most of us are just trying to shower on a somewhat regular basis and drink enough coffee to pretend we are awake).

And so was born a blog. This blog, to be specific.  It seems my very honest story of a trip to Target helped a few women feel a little more confident – a little more normal, even – for a couple of days.  We should feel encouraged and empowered and normal and appreciated and not alone far more often.  So here I will document my stories – my usually messy, often awkward, but always good hearted stories.  There will be talk of parenting, breastfeeding, holistic living, probably poop, a few swear words and lots of laughing – so if any of those things make you uncomfortable this may not be the place for you.  Actually, scratch that, this is EXACTLY the place for you because we should all do a little lightening up.


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